Beagle vacuum cleaner | Solac, 2006

Slider S2

Siemens, 2009

Slider S2 | Siemens, 2009

Siemens has been specialising in ironing for more than a century. Since 1903 until today, it has developed irons and ironing centres that have provided innovative solutions both for the care of all types of fabrics as well as for the user’s comfort and safety. A whole new world of experiences applied to the ironing of today… and that of the future.

Now, thanks to the collaboration established with ADN DESIGN, Siemens widens its series commemorating 100 years of ironing experience with the model Slider S2. Well-rounded and dynamic lines for a steam iron created so the domestic ironing task can be easier and more pleasant. Its handle allows a natural grip, its generous heel rest gives the iron a stable support, the cable collector is comfortable and wide and the point offers great visibility over the garments. The model also incorporates the new “Advance steam system” that allows increasing and improving the steam penetration in the fabrics and quickly softens the wrinkles.

The 100 years collection is a clear exponent of the high benefits and sophisticated design offered by Siemens in regard to ironing.

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