Beagle vacuum cleaner | Solac, 2006

Sensor Evolution

Solac, 2010

CVG9900 Tactile Evolution | Solac, 2010 Solac

Following its research and innovation strategy, Solac has presented its new range of compact ironing centers Sensor Evolution. Distinguished with the energy rating “A”, these ironing centers become the first products of this type to obtain the certification that identifies the appliances that best optimize consumption. Another aspect worth to be mentioned is the incorporation of automatic steam across the range, thanks to the Sensor Technology which enables the level of steam to be activated by touch, without the need to press a button directly, thus providing maximum comfort when ironing.

ADN DESIGN has accompanied Solac in its bid to generate a differentiated offering, competitive and valuable, creating a subtle and determined product line, reflecting the very spirit and dynamism of the brand. Products close, comfortable and intuitive to use, in which innovation is not a challenge for the user but is aimed at people from a perspective that ensures their quality of life and is environmentally and economically sustainable.

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