Beagle vacuum cleaner | Solac, 2006


BSH Krainel, 2000

Stadium | BSH Krainel, 2000 BSH Ufesa

It is almost like a whisper, like the vapour pouring out of its base orifices and the gentle undulation of its lines.

The friendly but sophisticated look of the Stadium iron, is free of the shrillness featuring in the latest products launched in the sector. Its ample curves and soft surface transitions and elliptical trimmings unite to achieve an elegant, balanced and subtly harmonious look. A user-friendly device, which does not forgo its innovative and sophisticated character.

The look of a device which aims to stay in the memory.

Stadium | BSH Krainel, 2000

Celeris iron is an updated version of the Stadium model which allows, with a very small tooling investment, the prolonged commercial success of its predecessor to achieve an outstandingly extended long-term life cycle.

Celeris incorporates the AquaCalc 3 system which offers a treble functionality for lime-scale particle cleaning:
1. Self-cleaning.
2. Calc function.
3. AquaCalc, an ionic-exchange resin permanent reservoir.

Celeris | BSH Krainel, 2002

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