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Techabout, 2013

Meetabout| Techabout, 2013

The digital world is rapidly moving away from our desks to be closer to our own skin. From the Google Glass to the Samsung Galaxy Gear that we were able to try on the IFA fair in Berlin, the latest generation of smart and connected devices are designed as an integral part of our own clothing.

«Everyone agrees the race is just beginning, and I think we’re going to see some very, very big leaps in just the next year,» said tech entrepreneur Manish Chandra at a recent Wearable Technology conference in San Francisco that was buzzing with designers, engineers and,developers.

Studies and reports by renowned international companies see a huge development potential for the Wearable Technology. IMS Research predicts that by 2016, this market will be valued at six billion dollars and very influential corporations such as Google, Apple, Samsung and Dell have already made significant strategic moves to strengthen its position in this sector. Today more and more companies and professionals use glasses, bracelets, watches and other smart devices to enhance the experience of connection with the environment in which they live and perform their work.

This is the dynamic trend that has encouraged Techabout startup to develop Meetabout, an intelligent events management platform that allows the organizer to know everything that happens in your event in real time, transforming the black box that was previously in a manageable and measurable experience.

ADN DESIGN has collaborated with a dynamic team to design and develop the new device that will soon replace the accreditation card currently used at fairs, conferences and all kinds of events. The new device allows the user to receive information about the event, exchange contact details or participate in voting, expanding its features and setting up a new networking experience.

The new device is not intended to compete with other products such as smartphones or tablets, but propose a parallel interaction, preventing the user to install specific applications on their own device. Equipped with a dual electronic ink display, Meetabout presents a design carefully integrated into the context, sophisticated, discreet and extremely intuitive and easy to use. As Carlos Alonso Pascual, project director at ADN DESIGN mentioned, «Meetabout is a clear example of how the convergence of connectivity, context and control can provide a new participatory people-centered experience».

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