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Owasys 22C

Owasys, 2003

Owasys 22C | Owasys, 2003 Premios TECNET 2007

Owasys 22C is a mobile phone aimed at blind or visually impaired people, with unique features in the European market.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind ONCE) and the field work carried out with blind and visually impaired people, this mobile has been designed to adapt perfectly to its users. This product enables equal opportunities of access to communication for these groups, a vital factor for their full integration in today’s society.

The keyboard design, with more spaced and raised keys than conventional phones, allows easy dialling, even for restricted mobility users. The screen is replaced by an advanced voice synthesizer which transfers the information usually displayed on the screen to the user: the phone status (signal strength, battery charge, date and time…), message reception, call waiting or missed calls, caller’s name…

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