Beagle vacuum cleaner | Solac, 2006

Arima Zen

Bel Aqua, 2009

Arima Zen | Bel Aqua, 2009

Symbiosis between the organic and geometric shapes, between natural aesthetics and the modern space, between intuition and reason. Smoothly curved surfaces that move over a pure geometry to create a subtle harmony… The new series Arima Zen, edited by Bel Aqua.

For the conception of the new bath accessories series edited by Bel Aqua, ADN DESIGN has counted with the collaboration of users who have let them into their bathrooms and shared their daily experiences. As a result of this participation, the accessories series ARIMA ZEN and ELITE TRIA were born, leaving a place for the user to define its environment in accordance to its likings and habits. Smart systems allow its users to decide their level of participation in their bathroom’s configuration and further present new configurations of pieces adapted to the bathroom’s use and physical reality.

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